Mar 25, 2011


who's that ? remember i've told u about shun oguri ? ok.last few weeks i already saw a man's in my class face like shun oguri. but then, i thought he's chinese, no wonder his face like japanese actor. AHHAHAHA. but yesterday, when my lecturer called his full name A.H , i get shocked. HAHAH. he's malay man. wow ! seriously. his face doesn't look like he's malay. whatever it is. i'm glad because there is someone like shun oguri and added point he's MALAYA MAN. kahkah. overlah kau ni. ngahaha. he's a senior with something. amboi. ngeeeee :D good looking + brilliant + very polite. HAHAHA. don't know if he's still single or someone's. i just promote it for you all. i can't. HAHAHAHA.

shun oguri, not A.H (: