Mar 28, 2011

when the day has come . .

alhamdulillah. my time has come. for all the readers and my beloved friends. orang kate, bende yang elok tak elok disorok-sorok kan ? so, i just want to share. only for sharing purpose not for show off or ape sajela. i just want to tell you that i'm someone's. as shown up there. the picture. it's my merisik ring. hahaha. merisik dalam english tak taw la. hahha. so, officially, i'm no longer can play-play macam dulu. hehe. means, tak ley da nak gossiping about other macho guys that passing by infront of me and my gurls. HAHAHA. bocor rahsie perangai burok. hahaha. it was last friday, my buchuk's parent came to my house and sent this precious ring. ngee :D. Alhamdulillah, this is the happiest moment cause me and my hafiz can officially admit that we're in serious relationship. so, our hope that everyone that read this can pray for our happiness. forever and always (:

belum2. bunge disini belum berpunye.GATAI !


  1. oh really..xthu pn awak da dirisik

  2. HAHAHAHA.sorry tak bagitaw awak :)

  3. wah! congrats girl! :)
    nnti da tempah kad jgn lupa pos dkat johor eh?

  4. hehehe.thx kaka.insyaAllah.ngee :D

  5. bile nak b'tunang? jemput ye..huhu

  6. da header is so awesome gurl!