Mar 2, 2011

beastly !

oryte. today wanna share something with u all peeps. actually i can't wait till 5th march ! ade pe ngn 5th march tu shafika ? haha.yesterday. i just saw one advertisement on internetla ofcourse. it's a new muviiiiii. alex pettyfer and vanessa hudgens taw. haha. the title is BEASTLY. haha. knpela shafika ni gembire sgt nk tgok cite ni ek ? because it contain lots of sweet scenes. haha. one word that i luv so much. err . tgok kt trailer dy lah. hee. U'RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN I'VE EVER MET. wah. luv it. luv it. so cinema , wait for meeeeeee ! (:

nila hero cite nih.kuikui.

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