Feb 8, 2011

first give away from luvly de'din ♥

yesterday my chubby lil friend tagged me to join this competiton.oh tangkayu sho mush dear.so.sng je competitionnye and the prizes pon lumayan jgk.nk tawuuuu ?

here they are :

1st place : sehelai t-shirt negeri kite.
2nd place : top up RM 10
3rd place : top up rm 5

masyukkkkk kn.spe nk bg topap for freeeeeee (bedtime stories).haha.

hah.tukang pereka contest ni adelah de'din. so. sy nk tag kwn² sy ni.girls,the rules and regulations has stated in de'din blog taw.so better u check out dlu (:

ni adalah calon² nye :

err.sekadar hiasan.

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