Jan 26, 2011

what the . . . . . .

yesterday.i woke up by 6.30 am to complete all my work.and my class is packed.evry tuesday is tension day.but i try my best to fulfill all my group members work.ok la.the thing is.till ryte now.nearly 2.oo am i still wake and WORKING.just to finish this assignment.yes.i'm tired too.i woke up earlier than my group members.but i didn't said that i'm tired and i don't want to cooperate.i tried my best.but people is subjective.they only think about themselves.but others ? up to u.sekian.matangkanlah diri anda (:

ehem : ayh kate.sploh taon kte knl org tu pon blm tentu dy nk tnjk belangnye.haha.selingan nih.

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