Sep 24, 2010

love my cats ♥

cats.i have many cats.about 15 kot.huhuhu.
today.i wanna introduce my cats to all of u.
we got many xtually but many of them died bacause of diseases.
also missing in sad.
First is NINO or her full name is siti fazurino
second is her sister LELO or nurul aspalelo
nino's first son is khairul butang aka BUTANG
his other sibling is
khairul buntal or known as BUNTAL
TIGER : kamelia tiger
LILY.her full name is kamelia syakili
KEKAW : khairul kausar
KIKI : khairul rezki
ALIN : kamelia darling
ILAT : khairul syaqilat
CHECY : kamelia stacy
tiger has a daughter.YOYEN or katrina orange
adopted :
SHAUKIN : Putera shaukin
BULAT : putera bulat
and the last one IDESH : putera dasperroux
love them ! ketat2 =)

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